Hiring a professional book ghostwriter has become increasingly popular and profitable. The book ghostwriter is contracted to write the book on their client’s behalf. Books are a highly popular form of media and their types and uses are widespread.  Although most people think about non-fiction books or those that are factual, books also include works of fiction.

Fiction Book Ghostwriter

Fiction books are those such as novels and novellas. A novel is longer than a novella. Most definitions consider a novella to be under 40,000 words and a novel to be over 40,000 words although some sources state the cut off at 50,000 words. Within both novel and novella are a range of genres. For instance, there is science fiction, suspense, young adult fiction, romance, comedy, horror, and fantasy.

Non-fiction Book Ghostwriter

Non-fiction books include the whole gambit of how to books or books that teach people about a subject. If people are interested in learning something then they will likely be interested in reading a book that teaches about the subject.

Business Book Ghostwriter

If you have a business that is related to the subject matter then you have a prime opportunity to cross market and promote (subtly) while teaching and essentially illustrating your knowledge of the subject matter. It all ties together and all parties involved come out as winners.  By writing a book, or hiring a book ghostwriter, you will significantly increase your professionalism and reputation. Consider the book to be your business card and an impressive point for your resume. When businesspeople hire a book ghostwriter to ghostwrite books in their business industry, they are engaging in a highly effective and proven business strategy.

Memoir Ghostwriter

Another type of book is a memoir. Many popular personalities, celebrities, musicians, and athletes around the world enlist the help of a memoir ghostwriter, but memoirs are not limited to those who are famous. A memoir is different than a biography in  that the former focuses on a specific period in a person’s life rather than their entire life from birth to present or birth to death. One of the benefits of writing a memoir as opposed to a biography, is that you can focus on the most interesting parts of your life. A professional memoir ghostwriter can speak with you and interview you in order to write your memoir.

A book ghostwriter for hire  is helpful for people who do not have the time or experience to write about their life or an informational topic they want to share with others. Books can be published in print form or electronic form, known as ebooks. Contact us today about your book ghostwriting project.